Friday, June 24, 2011

New Experiences

This past week has been a plethora of new experiences for my baby. Last Friday and Saturday we spent our time enjoying the beautiful weather in Delta. Milly spent most of her time hanging out in the shade in the arms of her Grandma and Grandpa Toone, and Aunt Kelsi and Uncle Joseph. We did put her down long enough to take some cute pictures of her in her swimsuit. We also went on our very first walk while in Delta and Milly rode in her Moby wrap (it's her favorite way to travel :) ). Jeff spent his time wake boarding, tubing and cruising around on the wave-runners. I even went on a couple wave-runner rides myself, though I was very careful to not end up in the water. Milly also got her very first tub bath which she absolutely loved. It definitely has been a very fun and eventful week!

Wearing her super cute swimsuit even if it will never get wet!


Showing of the Moby wrap.

The family on our first family walk.

We had to get a motion shot to prove that we actually went on a walk.

It was over 80 degrees on Saturday and she squirmed her way out of her blankets. She couldn't quite get rid of the socks though. 

First bath!

 She loved it until she had to get out.

I made her do some more modeling while I tried my hand at photography.

Happy baby Milly!


kelsi and joseph

I love her!!! i LOVE her!!! i love HER!


Ahhh! She is so stinkin cute! I can't wait to get there!

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