Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well, we did it! We surrendered all of our freedoms to enjoy a life time of absolute and complete slavery, well, at least Jeff did! :) Poor kid didn't know what he was getting himself into when he said yes! Believe me, I tried to warn him, but he kept saying "eternity isn't long enough." That remains to be seen!
All right, all right enough with the sarcasm, Jeff and I are having the time of our lives. We just got back from a week in California where we skipped our way through Disneyland and California Adventure, braved the wild lands of San Diego Zoo, boogie boarded through the seven seas (AKA Mission Beach), splashed through the mystical land of Sea World and I was even brave enough to touch a black, slimy, squishy thing called a Bat Ray.

Disneyland was a blast! How could you not have the time of your life there? I mean it is referred to as 'the happiest place on earth!' Jeff's favorite part of Disneyland was Small World because while a board the boat the ride broke down, trapping us in a building were the song "It's a Small World After All" is continuously sung. My favorite part was getting off the boat and putting as much space between me and that song as possible! I still can't get it out of my head.

At California Adventure Jeff repeatedly made us go through the Tortilla Factory so he could get a free sample tortilla at the end. I'm pretty sure the workers know us by name now!

The San Diego Zoo (Hogle Zoo as I keep calling it) was filled with the craziest of creatures. Jeff's favorite was the monkeys, no surprise there considering he shows the same kind of behavior on occasions. My favorite part was listening to Jeff talk to the Mongolian camels in Mongolian. Who knew camels could talk? Apparently Jeff was the only one! On our way home we got a little lost (I'm not the best navigator), I knew we were completely lost when all the signs around us were in Spanish. I was a little worried we crossed the border into Mexico, but eventually we made it safely back to our hotel.

At Sea World, Shamu was out shown by the dolphins in Jeff's opinion, but I think the Polar bear took the cake (and my opinions the one that matters! JK). We spent 4 hours on mission beach and unfortunately both of us are currently suffering from the effects of the long sun exposure. After stopping out In and Out Burger we headed back home. We had a ton of fun, but it's good to be back in Utah where the are only a few freeways!



I'm so glad you started a blog! I'll be checking it all the time (I'm obsessed) so keep us posted!

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